We can arrange an appointment for you

Only pay when you receive your appointment confirmation.

Our price categories:

  • €15 Regular Appointment with flexible range dates.
  • €20 Priority Appointment, booked with priority over regular.
  • €25 Emergency Appointment booked immediately, before others.

No need to stress out, we will arrange an appointment for you. That means more time for you do your important stuff. Don't worry anymore!

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Frequently asked question

You provide your information through form application and our robot make the appoiment for you as soon as possible.
So, you need to provide: choosen visa, passport number, birth date, first name, last name, email, nationality and gnib number in case it is a renew application.
It stores your private data until it gets the appointment for you, after that your data will be delete from our database.
In general it takes 5 - 10 business day after you register in our application form.
Our service has a cost of €15 - €25 per person. The payment is only made after the appointment confirmation. Our payment options are Paypal, Stripe or Deposit.
The payment is provided by a secure merchant provider Stripe and PayPal allowing credit card payments. You will be charge only after the appointment confirmation that you will received in your email together with payment link.